Flow Meters to Record Fluid Data

Measuring and monitoring the quantity of fluidĀ pumped on pump rental projects requires a Flow Meter or Flow Totalizer. Our flow metering assemblies are equipped to provide an array of data to support your flow documentation requirements for several flow ranges and various liquids.

Turbine Meters

  • Highly accurate
  • Totalized flow measurement
  • Analog dial display
  • For use with liquids containing no solid debris
  • 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 inch diameters

Electromagnetic Meters

  • Adaptable to computer based data instruments
  • Totalized flow and flow rate measurement (gpm, l/min, l/s, ft3/min, m3/hour, Mgd)
  • Digital readout display
  • Solid debris handling
  • 4″ diameters


  • Regulation of waste water disposal
  • Water reclamation documentation
  • Custody transfer metering
  • Cost management recording

Also known as Flow Totalizer or Flow Meter.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Turbine Flowmeter
  • Analog Flow Meter
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