Bag Filter Vessels / Cartridge Filter Vessels

Cartridge Filters and Bag Filters, used for suspended solids separation, accept filter media from 0.5 up to 800 micron. If suspended solids create a problem for your discharge effluent, cartridge filtration and bag filtration rental are excellent options to resolve the issue. These solids separation and particulate filtration methods are economical and highly effective in removing solids from any liquid medium.

Our Solids separation equipment includes:

  • Stainless steel simplex filter
  • Chemical (Polypropylene) simplex filter
  • Duplex Filter
  • 4-Bag Filter
  • 6-bag Filter
  • Stainless steel 6-bag filter
  • 23-bag filter
  • Particulate Cartridge filter
  • Dewatering box
  • Weir tank


  • Portable and quickly moved
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Continuous operation even during filter changes
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauges
  • Skid-mounted with fork lift pockets
  • NSF 61-listed (most models)


  • Construction site run off water
  • Environmental remediation clean up
  • Industrial process fluids
  • Suspended solids removal
  • Storm water run off
  • Process water for re-use, removes paint, metals, and sediment
  • 6-Bag Filtration Unit

    6-Bag Filtration Unit

  • Duplex Filtration Unit

    Duplex Filtration Unit

  • Chemical Simplex Filtration Unit

    Chemical Simplex Filtration Unit

  • 23-Bag Filter

    23-Bag Filter

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