Pumping Contaminated Water with Trash Pumps

Referred to as a Trash pump or Mud pump this rental is ideal for pumping water containing large amounts of solids and debris. This pump is ideal for sewer bypass systems and digester tank pumping, or pumping drillers mud at oil and gas drilling sites. Trash pumps also have automatic level controls which allow for unattended pumping.


  • Large solids handling
  • Heavy-duty pump designed to handle solids and abrasives
  • Cover plate (quick and easy access to unclog the pump)
  • Large fuel tanks
  • Abrasive handling mechanical seal
  • Preferred pump of choice for Oil & Gas well site operations for pumping drilling mud
  • Automatic level controls
  • Variable speed
  • Pump safety tips


  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Transfer
  • Municipalities
  • Landfills
  • Quarries/Mining
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Refineries/Process
  • Construction Site Dewatering
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants


  • Solids Management System Adaptor (Eradicator)
    This accessory is required when a pumping project contains liquid with stringy and clog prone materials such as sanitary wipes, plastic bags, hair, sludge, feathers, etc.

Also known as Wet Prime-Self Priming Trash Pump, Trash Pump, Mud Pump, Wet Prime Pump or Self-Priming Pump.

  • Wet Prime-Self Priming Trash/Mud Pumps
  • Solids Management System Adaptor (Eradicator)

    Solids Management System Adaptor (Eradicator)

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Model Pump Size Max Flow Max Head Max Solids
13D1–70EE S/G–Diesel (Spec Sheet) 3" x 3"7.62 cm x 7.62 cm 400 GPM1514 LPM 85' TDH25.91 m TDH 1.5" diameter3.81 cm diameter
T4A60S–4024T–Diesel (Spec Sheet) 4" x 4"10.16 in x 10.16 in 820 GPM3104 LPM 155' TDH47.24 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter

Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

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