Vacuum Assisted Pumps for Intermittent Flow Conditions

Intermittent or irregular flow conditions cause challenges that require a dry prime pump, also called an Automatic Self Priming Pump. Projects such as sewer bypass, construction site dewatering, and stream bypass pumping applications are handled with a Dry Prime pump. This pump, also called a Vac Assist High Flow pump or Vacuum Assisted pump, comes in a variety of sizes and is determined by job requirements. You can rely on E-Pump’s expertise to assist with determining the size of pump needed. Vacuum Assisted or Dry Prime pumps also have automatic level controls which allow for unattended pumping.


  • Pump applications with intermittent flow challenges
  • Dry running capability (pump can run dry with no damage)
  • Abrasive handling mechanical seal
  • Variable speed
  • Highest performing pumps in the rental market
  • Large fuel tank
  • Automatic level controls
  • Automatic self priming
  • Pump safety tips 


  • Oil & Gas
  • Water Transfer
  • Municipalities
  • Landfills
  • Quarries/Mining
  • Environmental Cleanup
  • Refineries/Process
  • Sewer Bypass
  • Construction Site Dewatering

Also known as Vac Assist High Flow Diesel Pump, Vacuum Assisted Pump, Dry Prime Pump or High Flow Pump.

  • Vac Assist High Flow Diesel Pumps
  • 3in Vac Assist Pump

    3in Vac Assist Pump

  • Silent Pumps
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Model Pump Size Max Flow Max Head Max Solids
P3VHFSD (Spec Sheet) 3" x 3"7.62 cm x 7.62 cm 450 GPM1703 LPM 137' TDH41.76 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter
PA4A60–4024T (Spec Sheet) 4" x 4"10.16 cm x 10.16 cm 930 GPM3520 LPM 134' TDH40.84 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter
PA6C60–4045T (Spec Sheet) 6" x 6"15.24 cm x 15.24 cm 2350 GPM8895 LPM 155' TDH47.24 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter
CP220i (Spec Sheet) 8" x 8"20.32 cm x 20.32 cm 3500 GPM13248 LPM 210' TDH64.01 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter
PA10A60–4045H (Spec Sheet) 10" x 10"25.4 cm x 25.4 cm 3900 GPM14762 LPM 160' TDH48.77 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter
PA12A60–B–6068H (Spec Sheet) 12" x 12"30.48 cm x 30.48 cm 6320 GPM23921 LPM 104' TDH31.70 m TDH 3" diameter7.62 cm diameter

Specifications are approximate and may vary. Ask your sales representative for specific dimensions for the unit we supply to you.

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