A recent discovery behind a Summit County, Ohio shopping center led to EPA intervention and subsequent action from E-Tank and E-Pump. The presence of an unknown, milky-white liquid that ran from the shopping center parking lot into a storm water retention basin prompted an investigation, confirming that the substance was hazardous. While no evidence existed that the runoff, which flowed into a nearby Cuyahoga River tributary, had any environmental impact, a pH level exceeding that which is permitted by environmental standards was detected in the retention basin. In the short-term, the contaminated water needed to be contained and treated before being released into the sanitary sewer. A long-term solution was subsequently developed to correct the leachate problem.

E-Tank and E-Pump were called upon to design a custom solution to safely contain and treat the contaminated water, alleviating further environmental and commercial disruption. Three four-inch vacuum-assist, high-flow diesel pumps, along with a two-inch electric submersible pump, were used to move the water from the drainage ditch and retention pond into five 21,000 gallon frac tanks. Spill containment berms were installed to ensure complete containment of the contaminated water during the removal process. The affected water was treated to reduce the pH level. Once the reduction in pH level was accomplished, the water could be discharged into the sanitary sewer.

As a short-term, stop gap solution, the drainage channel that contained the contaminated sediment was lined with plastic sheeting to prevent new storm water from coming into contact with the underlying contaminants. Five roll-off boxes were delivered to the site by E-Tank. The contaminated sediment was deposited in the roll-off boxes and removed from the site.

E-Tank’s and E-Pump’s custom-designed solutions and on-site leadership demonstrated their commitment to professional service and timely solutions.