Vac Assist High Flow Diesel Pumps

Dry Priming Pump for Irregular Flow Conditions

Vac Assist High Pressure Diesel Pumps

Dry Prime High Pressure Diesel Pumps     

Wet Prime-Self Priming Trash/Mud Pumps

The Solution to Your Solids and Mud Pumping Problems

Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

A Solution for Sludges and Deep Sumps

Electric Trash/Mud Pumps

Electric Drive Trash Pumps

Silent Pumps

Silent Pumps for Pump Rental Projects

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

A Versatile Pump for Difficult Pump Applications

Electric Submersible Pumps

Electric Submersible Pumps: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Two-Stage High Pressure Jetting Pump

A Pump Specialized for tank cleaning, industrial wash-down, dewatering, and more.

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Hydrostatic Test Pumps

6-Bag Filtration Unit

Temporary Filtration and Solids Separation

Hose and Pipe

A Turnkey System for any Pumping Application

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Record Fluid Flow Data with our Flow Meters

Dams and Aqua Barriers

Aqua-Barrier Dam

Spill Containment for Pumps

Spill Containment Rental for Pumps

Road Crossing Rentals Allow for Full Pumping Capacity

21,000–Gallon Frac Tank


Boxes and Roll Offs

Pump Rental and Filtration Rental

E-Pump is your source for pump rental, filtration rental and pumping equipment in the northeastern and midwestern United States and beyond. We treat your project as a priority, bringing a level of quality, service, and expertise that are unmatched in the industry. We back that claim with commitments to safety, cleanliness, speed, and efficiency that make us the best in the industry.



Pump Safety Tips

When your project requires pumps, safety should never be taken for granted. Even experienced operators need to be reminded about safety procedures which are easily forgotten even though they are “common sense”. Here are useful topics to review with field personnel: Exercise caution when refueling. When refueling a pump, confirm that the engine is not […]

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